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You read lots of things about Turkey and the men in power these days. The media and politics talking about terrorist attacks and frightening occidental and oriental societies and their freedom. But it’s as absurd as ottoman baclava for diabetics – and I am one. I want tell you a lil’ bit about my experience here and while I retrieve by the mesmerizing Bosphorus, with brightest sunshine and the beautiful smile of my turkish friends, and their incredible hospitality. I know I’v done everything right with my favourite travel spot in spring. I’m in love with the city – who’s ever been here once, will exactly know what I’m talking about: Istanbul is a historical and majestic metropolis located at two significant costs in one city.

I’m not here for the first time; first time was dope, and so was my second; it was actually better in retrospect. Now coming back the third time, you know some locations, know more people, know where you find the right atmosphere and energy. SOSCHMECKT is on the grind and left you guys list below, spots and places to visit and go to and some MUST DO’s in general! As a notorious moochivore, even when full, the moment I smell food again, I am unstoppable. I’m looking out for fresh foods again, and you find #foodporn everywhere here.. “hey if don’t like bacon, your kosher or fakin..quit playing it’s bacon…nah I’m saying. Sometimes my head goes fast, dining out in this 14 million metropolis can be a bit of a problem. Where to go? What to do and eat? And with whom? I’m hungry. Fries over bitches.

…so while my head is still spinning, I’m degustating Istanbul’s colorous and gorgeously spiced varations of foods, not to mention my obligatory daily dosis of turkish mocca, followed by a tea-çay and a bit later the well known Ayran or ice-cream (some scoops for the kids yo) – my probably most efficient hangover contra-“beer”. My mediterranean space: every day breakfast, lunch, tea time, coffee time, coffee time again, and dinner, were different and unique at the same time. Pomegranate and orange belong there as well as Kebap, I love the soups, had plenty of meat, raw food, fish, pastries and the concrete liquid taste of well spiced Raki as culinary delights. On the streets of Istanbul’s Asian side in beautiful Kadiköy I even got to know how to brew my first genuine turkish mocca. Overwhelmed by my priceless experiences I leave you with the gallery below: ISTANBUL ROCKS!


My must eats:
1) HAMDI (Eminönü) excellent Kebap restaurant
2) Karaköy pier: freshest fish sandwiches to go !
3) Asian side (Üsküdar): Black Sea Pide
4) Delicious BACLAVA in city center: Karaköy center
5) SIMIT – famous turkish sesame rings: mobile street stands and traders

My Must Drinks:
1) Tea – Turkish Çay: litterally everywhere !
2) Turkish Mocca – Türk Kahvesi: Karaköy hood & Bogazkesen Caddesi (Street) in Cihangir/Beyoglu area
3) Best WINE and cheese appetizer spot: SOLERA BAR (Cihangir/Beyoglu)
4) UNTER bar (Karaköy): good drinks & beer
5) Authentic Shisha/Turkish Nargile: Tünel Square (Beyoglu)

My Must sees:
1) Galata Tower
2) Cihangir hood: winery, antiquaries, clubbing
3) Karaköy hood: coffee, lunch, soups
4) Kadiköy: shopping spot and authentic turkish Istanbul life & lifestyle
5) Balat & Eyüp hoods: Old town wall, authentic old traditional Istanbul architecture, Café Pierre Lotti & view point

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