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The search for a jetlag cure can feel as foolhardy as the search for a hangover cure. No matter where we go, travelling and stepping on new ground with a different time zone just gets to us. It’s a weird feeling, you’re landing, you get out of the plane, and unless you flew business, your back is killinggg you and more so, your mind is still somewhere else, while your tired body just senses the heat, the humidity, which for me is not the worst of things, I appreciate it. My Amazing Thailand,

I never believe those, saying they never have that jetlag problem. When your body is at a different spot, thousands of miles away from home, jetlag is inevitable, and travelers must bow to time change. When I landed in BKK, my favorite city in Asia, I only could think of one thing that may cure this awful feeling. There’s one thing you get in Bangkok, that can fend it off. Thai iced coffee (Kah-Feh yen), the local drink is more or less a sugar overdose, sweetened with syrupy condensed milk, sometimes added with cardamom for a spicy-sweet flavor…. but O-M-G, we know the feeling of iced-beverages going down our body and in fact it’s like highly caffeinated candy. What else you want… a sixpack? Get outta here. Normally served in plastic bags and a straw, I ordered one of those directly once I got through pass control on my way to the city stomping grounds. With my fat big grin on my face I order Kah-Feh-Yen. You always have to be sure that you get high-quality coffee too.

I spent couple days in Chiang Mai to chill with my grandma and the rest of my family. Leaving home and family behind is to say the least; is always a matter of heart and soul, and not intellectual. I could splinter the Mount Everest of mixed feelings in to vital dramatized bits and sentences, but you don’t want to hear this shit. You prefer words dressed in luxurious hope and complete happiness. So I do that instead. When working on the beachside, filming a comedy and being part of an amazing project, hence, having awesome work days in Pattaya, there is nothing you could ever complain about. Even though I wish they would have given me the bigger part, as the first draft/script suited me best, and it was me on paper, written black on white. Both sides of human nature – intellect and emotion. Let me clarify one thing, when you’re passionate, you do what you have to do, so I did what is fun usually, hence, took the other part in oder to work with great ones.

Days later, being back in Bangkok, I did what every does coming back to the “City of Angels”. Eat well. Eat more. You go shopping if you want, but he danger is, you never stop discovering new markets, night markets, shopping malls and boutique. And sooner or later, the nightlife in Bangkok starts and I bet you don’t want to miss out on that. I always go for a good Old Fashion or perfect Mjito to the award winning Muse Rooftop Bar in Sukhumvit and enjoy the view from up there. No far away around the corner you’ll find Bistro Oskar where good vibes and music are guaranteed. It goes without saying, the BedSupperClub has become very popular and predictably 12pm nights, food, drinks and ambience comes at a price when chilling’ inside the extraordinary futuristic designer lounge, but since super sexy staff dressed like catwoman’s sister will happily be at service, bringing you food and cocktails, I assume you’ll manage to fork out that little bit extra cash for their hospitality, or pleasure.

The next day, you rìmight want to take some off-time at the Lumpini Park, and later wander through the super amazing big Train Market (Rod Fai Market, a Must), just to eat thai food again, considerably 4 times a day ranging from Pat Thai, Kau-Man-Gai, Sum Dam Salad, Kau-Soi, pork & beef-Lab. For everyone who didn’t look out for the Food Trucks in Bangkok, do it now, and eat the amazing food of my friend Cat, (her facebook) , it’s de-li-ciousss!! If you’re in Bangkok, look out for the trucks, I’m serious. Go there, and thank me later.

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